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'Out Of The Cold'

'Out Of The Cold' a NEW instrumental piece. A soothing interlinked motif with soft piano and harp expands into a warm and subtly energetic pallet of sounds.
... This is the third release of Contemporary Instrumental compositions from Sugar Paper Wings. This latest work venture back into a more calm and sparse sound adding subtle use of an electronic beat and 808 bass - moving from Classical into the wholly contemporary realm. The Rhodes organ and Harp are set in a stereo space that is constantly moving and lulling with the main motif.
Please enjoy this track. It aims to keep you warm and bring you in ..'out of the cold'. Add it to your favourite relaxing playlist.


'For the Wonder'

... 'For the Wonder' - the debut release from Sugar Paper Wings.
'For The Wonder' is a short, soothing and hypnotic instrumental piece. Subtly mysterious, playful motifs dance around each other, aiming to inspire feelings of awakening with a sense of awe and space.
The never ending cycle of discovery and exploration into the unknown.

'..But Not To Rest'

...'..But Not To Rest' is a subtly dramatic instrumental piece that conjures up a solemn and slightly mysterious atmosphere
This is the second release of Contemporary Classical compositions. This latest work attempts to amplify imagery around the aftermath of conflict.

It's called '..but not to rest' as in the saying "Home but not to rest".
The music focuses on the journey of an individual soldier in the context of post-war peace. After the fighting stops and the journey home starts.
Marching and travelling home carrying the mental & physical scars of Trauma. Back at home; but there's no rest for a haunted soul.

Sounds from artists/friends I love.

Thank You for visiting and may your 2021 be a world better than 2020.
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